72 Carnatic Modes

A ‘mode’ in musical terminology can have many definitions, but certainly a well-known one is that of a ‘scale’ or ‘melody-type’. Of these there is a gloriously rich abundance, when you consider their use in the various musical cultures of the world. Take the Carnatic (South-Indian) modes, or ragasfor instance. There are 72 fundamental melakartha (parent) ragas, from which other ‘descendants’ may be generated. If you ever find yourself curious about them, as I occasionally am, here they are in Western notation. Admittedly the chart below is quite crude in its Westernized format, but at least this will serve as some kind of resource for the composer, improviser, or lifelong student. I apologize for the scrappy look of these digital images, but if you click on them they will at least enlarge for further clarity: