Pulling an all-nighter

by wijeratneworks

nuit blanche2

This Saturday, I face a new challenge of stamina: it is the citywide Toronto Nuit Blanche of 2014, and I am the curator for the Canadian Music Centre‘s all-night event. As such, I have to be on hand and collaborative with all of the wonderful artists I have chosen to participate in this 7pm to 7am performance-fest!

The event line-up: TorQ Percussion Ensemble w/Dinuk Wijeratne; Ernie Tollar, saxophones/bansuri; Parmela Attariwala, violin; Deb Sinha, percussion; Dinuk Wijeratne, piano; Laura Silberberg, DJ; Suba Sankaran, voice; Ed Hanley, tabla; Jordan O’Connor, double bass; Germaine Liu, percussion.

We are listed as a pick-of-the-week here. If you happen to be in Toronto this weekend, please drop by the CMC….and keep wandering around the city into the wee small hours. Toronto has a lot to offer!

nuit blanche